The Wind

Oh, it’s the wind, it’s only the wind, whistling through the trees
It’s the wind, it’s only the wind
But you know what it sounds like to me?

It sounds like a ghost slipping under my door,
Sliding along on my living room floor
Sitting downstairs on my sofa – sipping soda on my sofa!
Do you think that ghost would hurt me? I think I better go see!


It sounds like a snake in my bathtub to me,
Soaping up under my shower for free
Lying coiled up in my sink – yes, I think there’s a snake in my sink
Do you think that snake would hurt me? I think I better go see!


It sounds like a spider as big as two chairs, look out, it’s coming upstairs
It’s outside my door wearing sneakers, yes, it’s out there in four pairs of sneakers
Do you think that spider would hurt me? I don’t think I want to go see!


*Encourage children to make a sound like the wind with their breath and/or use lightweight scarves to wave on the chorus. They can act out the ghost, snakes and spider while they remain seated or use their whole body and move around. On the chorus, they return to their “windy spot” to sing or do the wind. Ask for ideas on what is scary to them and then have them act it out, then sing the chorus to end it.

By Michelle Valerie
From Julie Austin and Chris Barton’s (SongSisters) “Room in This World for Everyone
All rights reserved