Noodles, you can stretch ‘em for awhile
Noodles, guaranteed to make you smile
Forks and spoons will never get ‘em in
You just sluuurp ‘em all the way to your chin

Noodly-oodly-oodles in your hair
Noodly-oodly-oodles everywhere
Macaroni, tortellini, ravioli, too
You can find the noodle that’s right for you!

1. Eat ‘em with spaghetti sauce and lots of grated cheese
Try ‘em plain with butter, pass the salt and pepper please
Mix ‘em in your ice cream if you wanna have some fun
Throw ‘em at the wall just to see if they are done

Dip ‘em into soy sauce, get ‘em real brown
Then pretend they’re worms creeping up from underground
Cut ‘em into little pieces, now they look like bugs
Careful when you squish ‘em not to get ‘em on the rug


2. Use ‘em for a jump rope, feed ‘em to the dog
Take ‘em to a rodeo and rope yourself a hog
Tie ‘em ‘round a loose tooth, give a little tug
Wrap ‘em ‘round your sweetie if you want a great big hug

Stick ‘em under sister’s pillow when she’s fast asleep
Or in your brother’s slippers, they’ll stick right to his feet
Dad could find them on his car and take ‘em for a ride
Oops! This time you’ve gone too far, you better run and hide!

For you…Mostaccioli, vermicelli, fettucini, too
You can find the noodle (please don’t call it pasta)
You can find the noodle that’s right for you

By Chris Barton
From Julie Austin and Chris Barton’s (SongSisters) “Hello Sun, Goodnight Moon
All rights reserved