Love Grows

Love grows (cross hands over chest, one hand is a flower growing up through the other hand)
One by one (hold up one finger on each hand)
Two by two (hold up two fingers on each hand)
And four by four (hold up four fingers each hand)
Love grows ‘round in a circle (same as line 1; make a circle in the air)
It comes back knocking at your front door (motion coming back, then knocking)

Note by note we make the song, voice by voice we sing it
Choir by choir we fill up the room with the music that we bring it

Sign mime – gesture putting notes into a “soup”; hands by the side of your mouth for “voice”; large motion with both hands for “fill up the room”.

So won’t you take my hand my friend,
We’ll each take the hand of another
Hand in hand we’ll reach ‘round the world
To our sisters and our brothers

(Everyone holds hands, then reach them up high for “round the world”)


By Carol Johnson
From Julie Austin and Chris Barton’s (SongSisters) “Room in This World for Everyone
All rights reserved