Kitty Ditty

Oh my kitty Oh my kitty
Oh my kitty cat
My kitty, oh my kitty, oh my kitty cat
She’s my kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty cat
My kitty oh my kitty oh my kitty cat

I’m a lucky gal ‘cuz I got two cats
One of them’s white and one of them’s black
One of them’s skinny and one of them’s fat
They make me sneeze (a-choo!)
They’re my kitty cats


Well, skinny kitty likes to climb the screen
It really makes my mama scream
When she gets the broom, my kitty can’t be seen
It keeps my kitty nice and lean

My fat cat really likes to eat
She won’t eat cat food, fish or meat
I search the fridge for the perfect treat
She thinks ice cream really can’t be beat


My kitty has a favorite chair
Where she goes to lick her hair
Sometimes she’ll just sit and stair
At things that are not really there

She goes outside but she won’t go far
She loves to sit on top of my car
The back yard’s where all the good things are
Like fresh catnip and mouse tartar


By Joel Mabus
From Julie Austin and Chris Barton’s (SongSisters) “Room in This World for Everyone
All rights reserved