Goodnight, Moon

1. Goodnight moon, don’t leave so soon
I’m waiting here in my dark room
While stars and I stay up and play
You, my moon, just fade away

2. I don’t know why, you must be shy
You hide your face up in the sky
Sometimes you wax, sometimes you wane
From night to night you’re not the same


They say you make the ocean swim
And teach the stars to dance and spin
But can you send me dreams so sweet
And hold me gently while I sleep?

3. So goodnight moon, please come back soon
I’ll wait for you in my dark room
The window I will open wide
For you to come lay by my side

Goodnight moon, please come back soon

By Chris Barton
From Julie Austin and Chris Barton’s (SongSisters) “Hello Sun, Goodnight Moon
All rights reserved