Give Those Pox Back to the Chickens

I was soakin’ in the tub early one morn
Thinkin’ ‘bout the day – I was feeling kind of torn
Playing ball, riding bikes, I just couldn’t decide
Then I noticed a little itch on my side

“Oh dear, oh me, a little red spot!
Ooh, Mama Mama come and see what I’ve got
Here’s another and another and a whole lot more
It doesn’t look good – I’m gonna die for sure!

It could be German measles, maybe even worse
Prickly heat or heat rash or some voodoo curse
Hives or scarlet fever – I know what I’ve got
Ooh Mama it’s the chicken pox!

I’m gonna give those pox back to the chickens
(Itchy scratchy, itchy scratchy, bawk bawk bawk!)
I’m tired of all this scratchin’ and a itchin’
(Itchy scratchy, itchy scratchy, bawk bawk bawk!)
I’m gonna give them back today
‘Cause chickens always scratch anyway
Give those pox back to the chickens!

There’s one on my chin, ten on my toes
Twenty on my elbow, fifty on my nose
A hundred on my elbow, a thousand on my knee
Add ‘em all together, there’s a million and three!

There’s no use fretting – nothing I can do
They’ll all be gone in a week or two
Look on the bright side – I’ll get to stay home
And I’ll never ever, never ever, never ever
Get ‘em again!


By Chris Barton
From Julie Austin’s “Fandagumbo
All rights reserved