The Mighty Ukulele

The ukulele is a wonderful instrument to learn, especially if you have never played another instrument. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to transport and have only four nylon strings so very easy to play chords and sing along.

It’s the perfect instrument for classroom teachers, librarians and parents. If you used to play guitar or always wanted to play guitar, try a ukulele. If you are a singer and love to sing with groups, the ukulele is the instrument for you!

You can find ukulele players all over the world playing many different kinds of music. Look for a ukulele group near you and get strumming….

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Here are a few videos to get you started – keep checking YouTube for more in the future. Happy Uke-ing!

“The Muffin Man” with F, G7 and C7 chords

“The Muffin Man” is an easy song with three chords. If you start on F, practice going to G7 and keeping your pointer finger on the second string. Then practice moving from G7 to C7 – just moving your pointer finger over one string. Then it’s easy to return to the F chord. This is a fun song to make up your own words. Great for singing with children!


“Farmer in the Dell” – A one chord song using the C chord

What could be easier? Just get on the C chord and start singing!


More with “Farmer in the Dell”

“The Farmer in the Dell” makes a good movement song and it’s easy to just strum the C chord and move around as you play. You can ask for children’s ideas by saying, “How shall we move next?” If they say “Swimming!” – just sing, “Swimming ’round the room, swimming ’round the room. Hi Ho the Derrio, we’re swimming ’round the room.” Continue with seated or standing movements. You could end with the original “Farmer in the Dell” verse or anything you want. There’s no rhyming and children love to sing “hi ho the derrio” – great for rhyming, too!


For more videos, visit Julie’s YouTube Channel!