The Alligator Song

1. One night as little Susie crawled between the sheets
She heard a funny noise just before she went to sleep
She stuck her head beneath her head and much to her surprise
A great big ugly alligator stared her in the eyes

Susie called her mama and said, “Mama, come here quick!”
There’s an alligator under my bed, I think I’m going to be sick!
Her mother looked up from her book and said most patiently,

“That’s very nice – now, Susie, it’s time to go to sleep!”

Go to sleep now, Susie, you know it isn’t true
What would an alligator be doing under you?
Alligators live in ponds, they don’t sleep under beds
So go to sleep now, Susie, and rest your little head.”

2. The gator grinned at Susie and then he licked his teeth
He looked at her as if she were a chocolate covered treat
He started crawling towards her with a Susie-eating look
She hit him on the head with a fairy tale book.

Now, a book upon the head will always make a gator stop
So on the end of his big nose she gave another “whop!”
Susie hollered, “Daddy, he’s starting to come out!”
Her father lost his patience and he answered with a shout –


3. Susie gave the gator another mighty “whack!”
The gator said, “I really might not need her for a snack
She’s hardly but a mouthful, she can’t be eight or nine –
But I believe her disbelieving parents would be fine!”

So the gator turned around and he slithered down the stairs
He gobbled up both her parents as they sat there in their chairs
Susie heard a great big “gulp!” and then she could have sworn
She heard the alligator, he was humming on a song.


4. So Susie thought, “What can I do? I left here all alone!”
She heard a voice, it hollered out, “Hey, is anybody home?”
It was her favorite uncle, her good old uncle John
He heard all the commotion, came to see what’s going on.

So Susie told her uncle and Johnny took it in
And he marched right up and tickled the alligator on the chin
The gator started to hiccup and “hick!”, he couldn’t stop
And with a great big hiccup, out her parents popped!
(Still singing…)


5. Every story has a moral that comes out at the end
To tell you how not to make the same mistake again
But about all I can say, after thinking it through – is
Just be very careful if a grownup says to you…


By D. Tarrier
From Julie Austin and Chris Barton’s (SongSisters) “Two for the Show
All rights reserved